What we do

Step 1

Seedball R&D

Step 2

Seedball production

Step 3

Planting location

Step 4

Monitoring irrigation

Step 5

Seedball planting

Step 6

Biomass monitoring

Creating specific seedballs for specific tree species

To ensure the highest possible germination rates, seeds are primed using a series of treatments to soften the seed coat. Once treated, only the seeds that have responded to the treatment are selected in readiness to be added to the seedball.

The treated seeds are loaded into our proprietary seedball production machine which brings together the substrate mix (which is formulated for the tree species in question) and a consistent quantity of seeds per seedball. The combination of multiple treated seeds and the substrate mix used for the seedball ensure the highest germination rates once planted.

The CEED ‘Rover’ is a bespoke autonomous unmanned vehicle with the capacity to carry thousands of seedballs. The Rover uses waypoint navigation to move across the identified planting location. The spacing of the trees is set and the Rover is then commissioned to start planting with no human intervention required.