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Easy to OpenGL

About the ceed

The purpose of this page is to inform the basics of OpenGL.
The reference books 'OpenGL Super Bible'
The information can be used as a non-profit purpose.
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Chapter. 1-1 ) Basic MFC Program 2015.07.08 16:20:07
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  Today I will started by introduce OpenGL programming.

  The purpose of this page is to inform the parties made it easier OpenGL.


  Today topic is 'Basic MFC Program'.


  1. What is MFC Program ?

       MFC is this 

  2. Programming Environment

       OS : Windows 7

       Program : Microsoft Visual studio 2010


  3. Start Set up project/Today Goal

       Today goal is to succeed MFC property.


  3-1. Open the Visual studio 2010 and File -> New -> Project click


  3-2. Find 'MFC Application' and Type 'Name', setup 'Location' and 'OK' click


  3-3. These are the current project settings: ... Click 'Next'


  3-4. Application Type page is check the text

       - check the Single document in Application type

       - check the Document/View architecture support

       - unchecked the Use Unicode libraries

       - check the MFC standard in Project style

       - check the Enable visual style switching

       - check the Use MFC in a shared DLL in Use of MFC

  and click 'Next'


  3-5. Compound Document Support is check the next

       - check the None in Compound document support

  and click 'Next'


3-6. Document Template Properties is Click 'Next'


  3-7. Datebase Support is check the next

       - check the None in Datebase support

  and click the 'Next'


  3-8. User Interface Features is check the next

       - check the 'Think frame', 'Minimize box', 'Maximize box', System menu', 'Initial status bar' in Main frame styles

       - check the Use a menu bar and toolbar in Command bars(menu/toolbar/ribbon)

       - check the User-defined toolbars and images in Use a menu bar and toolbar

       - check the Personalized menu behavior in Use a menu bar and toolbar

  and click the 'Next'


  3-9. Advanced Features is check the next

       - All unchecked buttons 

  and click the 'Next'


  3-10. Generated Classes is click the 'Finish'


  3-11. Class View and Solution Explorer


  3-12. Example, type in 'void CMfcglView::OnDraw(CDC* /*pDC*/)


  3-13. write this


  3-14. add text 

CString str;

str.Format("hello World");

pDC->TextOutA(100, 50, str);


  3-15. Build and Compile

  -> Compile : Build -> Compile

  -> Execution : F5  or Debug -> Start Debugging


  Today class is we learned how to make MFC program, setting VS and Build, Compile.

  Next class is we learn setting up OpenGL in Visual Studio. BYE :D


Keywords ) opengl, mfc, program, programming, compile, build, graphic, vs, visual studio, 

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