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We’re here because we know that life can be more awesome. We write about the silver lining and inspire to arouse the imagination, innovate the mind, and motivate the people. ​We encourage you to contact us for any questions and we will get back to you the same day.
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The Good and Bad in People 2017.01.09 23:54:06
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"The Good and Bad in People"

On adjusting the social mindset

          Realize the futility of categorizing people into Good and Bad, Acceptable and Unacceptable. This

is our flaw, the type of prejudice that hinders mankind from real prosperity, in intellect and ultimately

in individuality. We tear down what gets in the way of progress.

          In doing so, we have ceased to recognize the volatility of the human soul, its capriciousness,

and its ever-changing tendencies. We have set divisions in order to perpetuate the illusion of

organization and purpose.

          But this is how we impede progress, by forgetting who we are, by forgetting how to


          So don’t knit your eyebrows at the girl who sleeps in the day and gets high at night. Don’t 

harbor any disdain on the homeless man who refused your help so many times as his skin collected

grime in the bustle of the city streets. Don’t be repugned by the kid who survives on pilfered goods.

Don’t detest the girl who cannot seem to make herself swallow her food. Don’t snicker behind the

back of the boy who just cannot pick up the lessons in class. Don’t lose your patience with the man who

hesitates and twinges when he speaks. Don’t spin away from the woman who makes a living by taking

off her clothes. Don’t hate the man who runs that big business uptown, and doesn’t seem  to have any

concern for the people he left behind. Don’t turn your chin up at the girl who has fresh scars on her

skin. Don’t scrunch your nose at the boy who avoids small talk and flinches when he’s touched. Don’t

frown at the guy with a cripple, who scowls like there is nothing left to be happy about in the world.

Don’t roll your eyes at the old lady who never stops talking about the dead man she’ll always be in love

with. Don’t, don’t, don’t.


We are all bundles of Good and Bad, with bits of Acceptable and chunks of Unacceptable.



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