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Philippines story :)

About the ceed purpose is help people using traffic :D
everyone write post :D we can more help people.
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Pinoy Youth and Journalism on Fire 2017.01.01 23:06:43
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"Pinoy Youth and Journalism on Fire"

Liyab Festival of Journalism and the Arts


          This festival explores the relationship between journalism and art. It looks at artists who incorporate

aspects of journalism in their work and considers what journalists can learn from artists and their practice.

          The Torch Publications is a student institution that publishes periodicals and other printed materials

funded, managed and led by the students. In keeping the advocacy journalism, The Torch Publications firmly

believes in the importance of journalism as an effective tool for exposing truth and justice to the people and for

the people.Liyab has been a training ground of amateur writers for District and Division School Press

Conferences. It has also been the best place for young journalists to get involved with socially and politically

relevant issues while improving their writing skills as well.

          According to Ballard (2013), Liyab aims to (1) develop writing competencies and skills; (2) help students

gain interest in social issues; (3) sharpen critical analysis on issues; (4) build camaraderie between and

among other student-journalists; and, (5) enhance the high school students’ journalistic skills through a

series of lecture in writing news, features, editorial, and sports.

          Lecturers on various genres are distinguished mainstream and alternative media personalities, and

award-winning academicians and a keynote speaker. After each lecture, student representatives from different

school publications will undergo a writing examination as contest for each genre. There will be a separate

contest for Filipino and English category. Ten (10) winners in each genre will be awarded with certificates. Top

three writers per genre will receive medals. Also, one winner each for tabloid, broadsheet and magazine

entries will receive awards. Lastly, the accumulated points of participating publications will serve as the

basis for Evelyn Pacheco Best Publication Award.

          Liyab seeks to strengthen its influence to aspiring journalists and writers, to promulgate its advocacies

in the field of journalism and to promote a nationalist perspective in the writing craft.



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