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Philippines story :)

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Experience the Joy of Dolls 2016.12.30 19:00:25
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"Experience the Joy of Dolls"

In Dolljoy Factory and Museum

          “Dolljoy Factory and Museum is a fun place to find and embrace the child in everyone who comes

inside. The finest and most competent venue when it comes to doll-making and showcasing of the

Filipino talent. It is with great honor and pleasure to welcome all the visitors to the exciting world of


          It was the year 2007 when the doll-making factory was expanded and opened to the eyes of the

public. They created a doll-making step-by-step simulation for educational tours, aiming to display

the intricacy of the Filipino creativity and industry. Slowly, through the years, it became a staple spot

for every elementary school field trip, and now, it is a staple spot for foreign tourists and both local

and foreign investors as well.

          Year 1972 saw the beginnings of Dolljoy Factory as backyard cottage-industry in Mandaluyong

City. Back in those days, the owners’ four daughters always received dolls as presents, and soon, they

thought of making their own dolls. They began with hand-sewn cloth dolls, but little by little, they

resorted to experimenting with more durable materials and electric sewing machines. They taught

their cousins and hired employees, until the factory grew into an actual establishment.

          In the 1980’s, the proponents met Samuel Butcher, the creator and owner of Precious Moments

Company, whose dolls were known for its teardrop-shaped eyes. He commissioned Dolljoy to

manufacture these dolls which were released only in the USA. He was the first foreign investor of the

ever-flourishing Dolljoy Factory, and was there in the conceptualization of the museum.

          The museum recently opened the Filipiniana section, in which dolls are dressed in tribe specific

costumes, featuring the festivals, costumes and traditions of Luzon, Visayas, as well as Mindanao.

Another recent addition, owing to the fortieth anniversary of its joining the doll-making industry,

is the big collection of dolls in different school uniforms and national costumes of different countries

of the world. And important addition is the collection of Precious Moments dolls which were never

sold in the country but were very popular in the United States.



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