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Philippines story :)

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Baler: the Throne of Aurora 2016.12.30 16:50:11
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"Baler: the Throne pf Aurora"

Things to do in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines



          Baler, once a sleepy municipality on the outskirts of bucolic Aurora, has flourished into one of

the most renowned tourist spots in the country. Its consuming waves making it known as the Surfing

Capital of the Philippines, resorts, cafes, and surf shops now readily line the area. But Baler isn’t all

about the relentless surfing tales and the stirring beach stories.




     Hot Springs

          Hot spring in the middle of a farm? It sounds unconventional, and it is. But if you’re looking for

an unusual place to hang out with your friends, this is a good place to relax. You can even have a photo

shoot in the farm’s hanging garden and enjoy fresh buko juice.



           Mother Falls – If you’ve got a morning to burn and a hankering for nature, take a side trip to

Mother Falls in neighboring San Luis, Aurora. It’s a 30-minute drive and 30-minute trek to the falls,

so be ready with your trekking sandals and a dri-fit shirt that will dry quickly after a dip in the pool.

          Diguisit Falls - Diguisit Falls is literally beside the road! All you need to do is park and once you

exit the car, you’ll be able to see the waterfalls from the road. Climb up a bit with the help of the guide

ropes and you’ll reach the actually pool in less than five minutes.


          Yellow Fin Bar and Grill -- Located in between Aliya Surf Camp and Costa Pacifica, Yellow Fin

is a great place to enjoy a beer over some grilled seafood and liempo. All you need for a night out is

P300. Bonus: Beside the bar is a shack that rents out bicycles and organizes tours on bikes and





          Nanay Pacing’s Café -- The secret to Nanay Pacing’s success is her insistence on quality. Her

creamy peanut butter has no oil, while her coco jam is made using pure coconut milk. A bottle of

the sweet stuff will set you back P90. If you want to level up your road trip, pass by her cafe and get

a take-out box of her homemade kakanin for P60. Nanay Pacing makes suman, espasol, rice cake

in latik syrup, mango tarts and more.



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