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Philippines story :)

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Greet the Street with Eats 2016.12.30 15:14:28
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"Greet the Street with Eats"

Top 10 must-eat street foods in the Philppines

          The Philippine streets are famous for offering an easy to prepare and inexpensive yet

astoundingly tasty array of dishes. For a minimum of five to a maximum of thirty pesos you can get one

of these delicious street foods:

     Fish balls, squid balls, and chicken balls 

          These can be easily be found in the streets and they are usually on a push cart and can be

seen mostly near schools. Fish balls are made from finely pulverized cuttlefish meat or Pollock and

they are formed in flat shape. Other variations now include the squid balls and chicken balls. They are

deep fried and you can have a preference of their sauce. There is sweet and sour sauce and hot and

spicy vinegar sauce.

     Kwek kwek

          Kwek kwek are quail boiled eggs dipped on orange batter while tokneneng are chicken or

duck boiled eggs. Thery are deep fried until crispy. Same with fish balls, squid balls and chicken balls,

they can be easily seen in the streets near schools.






          Taho is bean curd made of soft silken tofu. It is topped with arnibal or sweet syrup or

caramelized or liquefied brown or raw sugar with sago or tapioca pearls.


          It is a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated or condensed milk, beans, gulaman, flakes, variety of

fruits, nata de coco, etc. It is one of the Filipinos’ favorite desserts especially during the sweltering
days of summer. Some top it with leche flan, ube jam, cheese gratings, and ice cream.


          Shaved or crushed ice mixed with caramelized brown sugar, gulaman, topped with milk powder

or condensed milk and chocolate syrup. They are also mixed with artificial color to have variety of

color. Original flavor is strawberry. This is very famous and popular among Filipino kids.


          Batchoy is made up of noodle soup with chicken meat or pork innards mixed with vegetables

and pork cracklings or chicharon.


          Balut are hard boiled 3 week old duck egg. The looks of it are not quite good since the nearly

formed embryo can be seen. However, balut are very high in protein and aphrodisiac. Proper way

of eating balut is to suck the amniotic fluid before peeling it off. It is best to eat the chick and yolk

with vinegar and salt.


          Made up of steamed white corn kernels mixed with milk, shredded coconut with a sprinkle of

sugar or salt.

     Camote Cue and Banana Cue

          The banana or sliced sweet potato is coated with caramelized brown sugar and skewered with

bamboo stick. These are mostly prepared in the late afternoon for the merienda or snacks.



Barbecue has variety of styles. Most of them are marinated chicken or pork stew and then grilled on

hot charcoal.

Other variations are:

     isaw or IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) or chicken intestines

     adidas or chicken feet

     Betamax or dried chicken or pork blood


     Ulo ng manok or helmet or chicken head

     Pwet ng manok or chicken ass

     Balat ng baboy or barbecue pig skin

     Tenga ng baboy or grilled pig ears or nicknamed as Walkman

     Leeg ng manok or grilled chicken neck

     Balun-balunan or grilled chicken gizzards

     Atay ng manok or grilled chicken liver

     Butse or deep fried crop of chicken



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