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We’re here because we know that life can be more awesome. We write about the silver lining and inspire to arouse the imagination, innovate the mind, and motivate the people. ​We encourage you to contact us for any questions and we will get back to you the same day.
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Understanding motivation and be motivated daily 2016.11.14 23:18:52
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Understanding motivation and be motivated daily


       We live in a world full of stress, with a lot of requirements to do, homeworks to finish, financial, family problems and many more. So how do we do it? How can we stay motivated in this stressful world, in a
world full of chaos and what is the true meaning of motivation.

         According to ( Motivation is:
         1 : the act of process of giving someone a reason for doing something: the act or process of 
motivating someone.
         2 : a force or influence that causes someone to do something.

               In other words, Motivation is a driving force. In order to accomplish anything, you need a driving 
force, otherwise nothing will happen. A wish is not strong enough to make you take action. A wish is a 
weak desire. Only a strong desire can drive you forward, to act and accomplish aims and goals. 
It is easier to display motivation when it talks about short-term goals. But when it copes to long-term 
goals, It is quite impossible to sustain the motivation for a longer period of time. That's why it's so much wiser to start with small goals, and when you have gained experience with being motivated, you start to proceed with higher or bigger goals.

                 Here's a good article to read which talks about "how to stay motivated all day, everyday(http://addicted2success,
com/motivation/how-to-stay-motivated-all day every-day/#)

1. It all Starts Before Bed-Time
       Before you go to sleep, there is now a new routine. Maps
help people reach their destination. Your destination is a better than the day before you go to sleep write down a realistic list of tasks for the 
next day, and next to each one the reason for the task.

      At the end, write down the sum of all parts. If you do it all, what'll be the outcome? More money? Company 
growth? Stronger business relationship? Strengthening basics? This is your map - first of all know where you are 
going, the steps and actions, and then you get to the destination - the sum of all parts of you actions. 

2. Only One Alarm Clock (with No Snooze)
       There is no longer a need for the snooze button. There is no longer a need to set hundreds of 
alarm clocks. Set one alarm clock and place it more than one arm's length from you (preferably in a 
spot that forces you out of bed). Location is just one aspect. The second half of this is setting up a 
tune to alarm that you love - it has to be something that inspires you to be the best you can be.

         Why do you have to get up on time? If you sleep another ten minutes you risk missing out on 
having the most important meal of the day and having to rush to work, which is an unfortunate starter
for negative attitudes.

3. Leave the House with a Positive Attitude
          Your home is your sanctuary. If you can't be happy and positive at home, you should look into 
finding a new one. If need be, take a few minutes to listen to some music or wash your ace and again, but whatever you do don't leave the house with a negative attitude. Why?

          If you have left your comfortzone with a sour face, what are the odds that your mindset gets even 
more negative before or when you walk into the office? The odds are very high - too high.

4. Learn to take Breaks
         Heard of a power nap? Well, we don't think naps will keep you motivated. We do know, it has been 
scientifically proven, that taking breaks will enable you to be more productive.

          Productivity, If anything, keeps you motivated, and if you have had a sudden decrease in motivation
then the increased productivity and sun-shine from a break can definitely make sure you are one happy

5. Reflect on your work
           Sometimes we run through life so fast that we don't get the chance to stop and take in the present 
or the near past. If you are going to have a chance at staying motivated then you have got to take the 
time to reflect on what you have or have not accomplished.

             Are you offtrack? this is the opportunity to learn from what has been and seek out those that 
can help. Not hitting your goals time after time is a motivation killer. Being in self-denial, or ashamed to 
ask for help will only stay average, and that is not what you want.

"To be beautiful means to be yourself. you don't need to be accepted by other. You need to
accept yourself." - ThichNaht Hanh

6. Have Constant Reminders
             Out of site out of mind. Heard the expression? Unfortunately, there is too much truth to the 
statement for you not to take it seriously. As funny as it may sound to others, keeping tidbits of what 
motivates you  around the entire day is the smartest thing you can do. What is your laptop's or 
smartphones background? That list that you made the night before - did you bring it with you or leave
at home? Out of site out of mind.
           If you've got desk space, then next to the family portrait add your favorite quote, and keep that 
one video that motivates you on your tollbar for the quick fix.

          Motivation is something that we all must recreate on a daily basis. To those that don't wake up 
feeling motivated each day. focus on where you are going and make sure you take into account the 
full-proof steps to staying motivated so you can change the world.

         Even the great Kobe Bryant has his moments:

"I have self-doubt. I have insecurity. I have fear of failure. I have nights when I show up at the arena and
I'm like, 'My back hurts, my feet hurt. I don't have it. I just want to chill.' We all have self-doubt. You don't
deny it, but you also don't capitulate to it. You embrace it." - Kobe Bryant

        The truth is we all have our failures, Our weak moments, those days when we just don't want to
function, it's alright to feel these things. It's alright to feel like a nobody and not passionate about 
anything or feel dumb at some days as long as we'll go back to our track and promise to ourselves that 
we'll be better individuals tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow, tougher, stronger, better 
individual than today.



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